What Does Ohio Medicaid Pay For?

Medicaid is the long-term care avenue of payment for a large amount of people in middle-class America. If you walk into any nursing home in America you will find over half of them are receiving government aid in the form of Medicaid.

Let's quickly review what is covered under the Ohio Medicaid program:

To start, the cost of room and board is covered and in the majority cases this includes a semi-private room. Sometimes you can get a private room, but that’s only if it’s convenient for the nursing home and they are willing to accept the semi-private rate from Medicaid. The nursing home is not allowed to charge you more than the semi-private rate regardless of your accommodations.

Second, Ohio Medicaid covers the cost of all prescriptions and pays for any healthcare insurance premiums throughout the duration of any nursing home placement. This includes Medicare and Medigap.

Third, if a physician prescribes rehabilitation therapy then it is covered as well.

Fourth, miscellaneous items like oxygen, walkers, diapers, tissues and gloves are covered as well. Although a lot of things are covered, there are a couple conveniences that are not to include: personal nurses and television sets.

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